8x60' + 6x60' (S1+S2) | Drama,Thriller | UK | 2018 - 2019
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Una madre di famiglia non si ferma davanti a nulla pur di chiarire il mistero che ha distrutto la sua vita.

A husband, three children and a happy family: Faith had it all. One day, however, her husband leaves for work and never arrives. She discovers he has been leading a double life with a fake identity, bankrupted their law firm and got involved in a criminal underworld, all the time parading as the honest and reliable man she thought she knew. This ordinary woman finds herself having to fight to protect her family and her sanity. This propels her into a lonely, frantic search in which she discovers as much about her unexplored self as her missing husband.
Launched on BBC Wales, BBC iPlayer recorded 9 millions downloads for this series; this led to a primetime run on BBC One. Faith Howell’s characteristic yellow rain coat has become a very popular fashion item in Great Britain due to the series’ success.

Cast: Eve Myles (Victoria, Broadchurch), Mark Lewis Jones, Hannah Daniel.