8x30’ | Comedy | Spain| 2019 | HD
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Juan Carrasco is a clumsy politician, who decides to run for his party's primary election in order to become Head of Government. With the help of an unlikely team that includes the chief of the staff, the PR and his personal assistant, Juan almost miraculously manages to overcome the scandals and crises that hit his electoral campaign. His lack of political ability will be compensated by the habit of improvising and by the firm will of a group of amateurs, willing to do anything to reach the highest levels of power.

Cast: Javier Cámara ("The Young Pope", "Narcos", "Il miracolo"), Maria Pujalte, Nuria Mencía, Adam Jezierski, Joaquín Climent ("Donne sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi", "I lunedì al sole").