13x30’ | Science | UK | 2018 | HD
Parade Media Group Limited
Back2Back Productions for Channel 5

The series explores the fascinating science behind the animal, helping the viewer understand the anatomy of dogs and what makes them do the things they do.
Are dogs really superior to other species on the planet as some scientists claim? Even humans? Quite possibly…
‘Extraordinary Dogs’ examines the science of how dogs appear to have a ‘sixth sense’, allowing them to “predict” earthquakes or looming disasters as well as find their way home – sometimes across extraordinary distances; why they have such an uncanny loyalty to humans; the incredible role they cSan play in the healing and detection of human disease and disability; and how they are built to excel in extreme conditions.
We’ll even find out why they have that wet nose and hang their head out of the car window! Believe it or not there’s a logical explanation to it all.