60' | Science/Technology | Cina| 2018 | HD

The documentary film The Hong Kong-Zhuhai Macao Bridge comprehensively reviews the progressive and pioneering innovation spirit and the arduous struggle history of the Chinese bridge builders since the commencement of the Hong kong-Zhuhai Macao Bridge. It vividly displays the design ideas and construction processes of the three main works - the bridge, the islands and the tunnels. The audiences perceive the charm of the scientific and technological power from the technological confidence of the super projects by listening to stories on the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

This cross-sea bridge connects Hong Kong in the east and Macao and Zhuhai in the West, totaling 55 chilometres in length. It is as major infrastructure project following the Three Gorges Project and the Qinhai-Tibet Railway Project, as well as a "super project" featuring the most complex technologies, the highest environmental requirements and the highest construction standards in the Chinese bridge building history. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai Macao Bridge has consecutively topped the world since its commencement thanks to the longest total span, the longest steel structure bridge and the longest undersea tunnel.
60' | Science/Technology | Malesia | 2015 | HD
Looking Glass International

Malaysia’s Second Penang Bridge is one of the longest bridges in Southeast Asia. Building this 16.9 km long marine structure has proved a challenge to the two construction giants from two different countries - Malaysia and China. The Second Penang Bridge is the only bridge in Malaysia that is earthquake proof. But what would happen if the earth rattled profusely during its construction? The engineers could only hope that the Ring of Fire did not bring it down ...

The second bridge in Penang hosts a four-lane highway that connects the mainland of Malaysia to the southern part of the island of Penang. The bridge is a symbol of national pride - it reduces the congestion that was created on the first bridge and is a vital link for business, industry and the people of Penang. Built with Chinese funding, the bridge is a symbol of friendship between the two countries. Located just 600 kilometers from the epicenter of the Aceh earthquake in 2006, the bridge is the first in Malaysia to be built using innovative technology to withstand seismic waves, developed by the Malays. But during the construction of the bridge, another earthquake struck Sumatra. All in place - both at sea and on land they feared the worst. Was the tsunami warning given, is there enough time to evacuate 2,000 people in less than two hours?

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