Extraordinary Dogs
13x30’ | Science | HD
UK 2018
Parade Media Group Limited

  Spiky Gold Hunters
6x60' | Factual Ent. | 4K
New Zealand 2019
Looking Glass International

We uncover an encyclopedia of amazing, compelling, and surprising dog stories worldwide - from heroic rescue dogs to pet pooches, incredible feats of survival to frontline army dogs.   A team of fearless fishermen face the adversity of the ocean to catch the delicious sea urchin. A series of adventure and dangerous challenges.
Hidden History: Hitler the Junkie
2x60' | History/People | HD
France 2017

Edith Paris

The Bridges: Great Engineering Works

Was Adolf Hitler addicted to drugs? His personal doctor, Théodore Morell, became the Furher’s shadow and turned him into a full-fledged drug addict, prescribing him everything from opioids to cocaine. Building a bridge: a fascinating challenge.
A collection of documentaries on the major engineering works of recent years.
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