The Cry

4x60' | Thriller | HD
GBR 2017
Synchronicity Films per BBC1
New parents Joanna and Alistair discover they have accidentally overdosed their 9 week old baby on a long haul flight from Scotland to Australia. In the white heat of the realisation Alistair convinces Joanna they have only one choice, only one way to prevent even more heartbreak. Together, they make the shocking decision to hide Baby Noah’s body and fake his abduction.
As the consequences of their terrible fabrication play out, Joanna struggles with the horror of what they’ve done. The lies get bigger and denial fuels Alistair’s ever more desperate media campaign.
Joanna meanwhile retreats into her own psychological hell, the cry of her baby haunting her grief day and night. Mired with self-loathing she teeters on the edge, punishing herself for being a bad mother, an ambivalent mother, and coming ever closer to confessing her crime. Alistair medicates the threat away, ensuring Joanna is held in a dark lethargy, controlling her access to the internet and the outside world for her own good. For their own good. The pressure on their relationship becomes unbearable and, as major fault lines appear, Joanna finds her own logic in the madness. For the first time, she begins to see their relationship through the prism of lies from which it emerged - an affair, a devastated ex-wife, a heartbroken daughter, Alistair’s first, now only, child.
Joanna burns with guilt and the knowledge that her baby will never be found. She can see only one way to right the wrong, but her quest for peace and self-forgiveness will eventually lead her to an even more shattering truth.


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