Sfiorando il Muro

52' | History/People | HD
ITA 2012
Lilium Distribution
This film is the story of Silvia Giralucci and her difficult relationship, mixed with revulsion and curiosity, with the Seventies. Years that she has only touched upon her, as she was a child. But they are also the years that her father Graziano took away from her, the first victim of the Red Brigades with Giuseppe Mazzola, killed on 17 June 1974 during the terrorists' attack on the Paduan headquarters of the MSI, the Italian neo-fascist party.
Silvia today is 40 years old. For several years he has undertaken a research path, including readings, study of archive documents, interviews with witnesses of that era. Try to understand that period, understand how it was possible to go that far, how it was possible that his city, Padua, was torn apart by extreme left and extreme right political violence. After all, looking for a reason of her father's absence.


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