Fascinating New Zealand

90'/2x52' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
DEU 2020
Flame Media
There are landscapes that hardly anyone has entered or seen: this film takes the viewer through New Zealand from the southern edge to the northernmost tip. High-quality images from the air, on land and in the water bring paradise to the other end of the world - with boiling volcanoes, magical caves and flightless parrots ...
This two-part documentary draws the viewer on a fascinating journey into the breath-taking origins and incredible present of New Zealand, exploring the islands by land, by sea and from the air and discovering the astonishing diversity of this natural paradise. On our journey through the country, we travel to places that are particular to New Zealand, getting to know the native plants and animals. We encounter places that still tell the story of how New Zealand originated: rugged fjords, bizarre high mountain peaks, steaming volcanic landscapes and spectacular cave systems. These are crossed with lush rainforests and fields that profit from the fertile volcanic soil. Few countries in the world have as many different natural spaces to offer as New Zealand.


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