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Black Out
16x60' | Thriller | HD
KOR 2024
for MBC Korea (Premieres on 16-Aug-2024) Hulu US (Premieres in Sep-2024)
After serving ten years for a murder he has no memory of committing, a man embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the truth and clear his name.



Laura H - The Caliphate Girl
6x50' | Drama | HD
NLD 2024
Dutch Core
The series draws inspiration from the book Laura H. - The Caliphate Girl from Zoetermeer by journalist Thomas Rueb.
It is based on true events and the real Laura and her father gave their contribution to its production. Laura H. was the first Dutch woman to return from the caliphate, in the summer of 2016.



65' | Animazione /Adventure / Musical | HD | 3D
ESP 2022
Lilium Distribution e 8 e Mezzo
Abano Producións, Antaruxa & El Gatoverde Producciones
2022 Goya Award Winner for Best Animated Film. Winner of the CEC award for Best Animated Film. 2022 Platinum Award Finalist.
Valentina is an adorable little girl with Down syndrome and wants to become a trapeze artist. From her room, to the rhythm of music, Valentina sets off on an imaginary and wonderful journey that will reveal how capable she is of doing everything, just like her friends.



Lou and Sophie
6+6x52' | Teen Programme | HD
CAN 2021/2023
H Gagnon
Lou and Sophie is the story of two girls for whom the suburb has become too small. Flamboyant friendship, thirst for freedom, languor of summer; it brews for Lou and Sophie at this pivotal moment in their lives, between adolescence and adulthood, this famous moment when we think that everything is still possible.



10x8' | Kids Programme | HD
NLD 2021
Dutch Core
The International Emmy-winning series KABAM! is all about common childhood fears.



Isn't she lovely ( Adorables)
90' | Comedy
FRA, BEL 2020
Orange Studio
A couple of parents get in over their heads when they decide to use Scandinavian alternative teaching methods for their teenager.



My mother is crazy
95' | Comedy | HD
FRA, BEL 2018
Orange Studio
A road trip comedy about a crazy mother who has a tense relationship with her son.



Heavy Duty (Convoi exceptionel)
82' | Comedy | HD
FRA 2019
Orange Studio
A man wearing a coat meets one dressed in rags. One possesses the script of their lives and deaths.



After Louise
90' | Drama | HD
GBR 2019
93 Inc
A British road movie about finding oneself and overcoming one's limits, full of irony.



Racetime - Tutti in pista!
82' | Adventure | HD
CAN 2018
Pink Parrot Media
CarpeDiem Film&Tv inc.
A spectacular sled race through the village. Frankie-Four-Eyes and his team take on the newcomers: the mysterious and conceited Zac and his athletic cousin Charly.



Matti & Sami
95' | Family | HD
DEU, FIN 2018
Pink Parrott Media
A story of daring and boundless imagination, determination and passion, courage and friendship.



Le 422
13+12x30' | Teen Programme | HD
CAN 2019/2021
H Gagnon
Fans of the fantastic series "The 422" will be amazed by the 12 episodes of the upcoming second season. More captivating, the second season can certainly satisfy a much wider audience.



The Longest Day in Chang'An
45x60' | Drama | HD
CHN 2018
Parade Media
In A.D. 744, a group of mysterious Turks infiltrated among trade caravans plan to launch a fire attack at Chang’An, the ancient capital of imperial China.



Mrs. Mills - un Tesoro di Vicina
88' | Comedy | HD
FRA 2018
Orange Studio
Les Films du Cap
Screenplayed and directed by the lead actress Sophie Marceau, a lovely comedy on the most unlikley friendship.



Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
75x50' | Fantasy | HD
CHN 2017
Novoland International Cultural Communication Ltd for iQiyi e Youku
An epic saga, about princes in exile, part humand and part spirit, leaders of nomadic tribes, empresses fighting for the throne, all united in the destiny announced by an ancient prophecy. One of the most expensive Chinese TV productions of all time, "Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy" brings together an important literary tradition to create a complex fantasy universe.


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