Stars of the Silver Screen

195x60' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2012/2021
The unforgettable stars who made Hollywood cinema of the past great, in a series of profiles to tell about their career and the impact they have had on the entertainment world. Journalists, critics and film historians analyze the elements that have contributed to making these characters myths on the big screen.

Marilyn Monroe - Being a Hollywood greats means flying too close to the sun, embodying the dreams of millions as you place your destiny in their hearts. The Discovering film celebrates the life of Marilyn Monroe from her early days to her now iconic films "Some Like It Hot" and "Men Prefer Blondes". She tragically died at a young age, but now she has become a global icon. With actor Eli Wallach who worked on Marilyn's latest film, "The Misfits", Ian Nathan Empire and Derek Malcolm.


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