The Royals Revealed

8x60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2019
Parade Media
for Channel 5
The most famous family on the planet, a symbol of British heritage and a billion pound empire, the Monarchy is steeped in tradition and pride. It’s also the epicentre of drama and with the last year bringing about unprecedented changes to the establishment the crown, as we know it may never be the same again
This revealing eight part documentary series, we take viewers on a journey through all facets of Royal life past and present, in all its grandeur, splendor and controversy. Each episode will focus on some of the most influential Royal family members as we unpick their personal stories using these a sour entry point to the big issues at the heart of the monarchy. Episodes will examine the tension between love and duty, the changing face of the monarchy, the biggest players in ‘the firm’ and the private side of the family. The Royals Revealed will retrace the story of these high profile members as well as examining their key relationships to ask what the future might hold for them. Each episode will shine a spotlight onto our chosen Royals getting behind the new sprint to examine their personal story as well as exploring the headline grabbing stories of love, betrayal, duty and passion. So just what are they like behind their public image? What drives them- what are their personal passions, their pet hates and how do they deal with their role as part of the most famous family on the planet?


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