My Italian Family

11x30' | Lifestyle | HD
Parade Media
My Italian Family embraces the intricacies of family combined with the beauty of food that creates the magic of the restaurant as a family business, as a family lifestyle, the Italian way. From Florence to Venice. From Genoa to the rich Ligurian coast, we experience true Italy through the most unique set of restaurants - some of the oldest, and most traditional - the real hidden gems.
We meet the families behind these restaurants, creating authentic home cooking with recipes enjoyed by their family through the generations.
With all heart we share their laughter, their tears, their history, their values, their purpose and their passion to continue to create their families dream.
Spilling intimate family secrets across the dining table that’s heaving with food, My Italian Family inspires us with family stories that are as robust as the love they have for one another and the love that they add into each and every one of their treasured family recipes.


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