Ultimate Oceans

3x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
ZAF 2021
West One Int.
Spanning over two third of our planet. the world's oceans are home to creatures that can be traced back to earth'shumble beginnings A world where life blossoms ... And danger lurks. These are the world's Ultimate Oceans. Across the 3 breath-taking episodes this extraordinary series will enter the world below the waves and uncover an enchanted place filled with infinite secrets, mysteries and hidden wonders. Our oceans are a place where life hangs in the balance and each creature must play their part in a never ending cycle.
Ruled by the tides, guided by instinct, all who live here - from the small to the huge - have their place in a delicate, perfectly balanced system ...
Against all odds every day is a race to be the fastest. biggest. smartest or most powerful. To survive they must navigate their ULTIMATE OCEANS.


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