Emilio Isgrò, Come Cancellare l'Inutile

52' | Arts&Culture | HD
ITA 2023
Lilium Distribution
for Rai 5
Conceptual artist and painter, but also poet, writer, playwright, director, Emilio Isgrò is one of the great innovators of Italian art. The artist, Sicilian by birth and Milanese by adoption, is famous throughout the world for his erasures that began in the early 1960s. For Isgrò, subtracting is adding. In a world devoted to uncontrolled production, to the globalization of endless growth, deleting words means recovering them and preserving them from wear and tear. "It is not a trivial negation but rather the affirmation of new meanings: it is the transformation of a negative sign into a positive gesture". Guido Talarico's documentary, a true testament of the great artist, will tell the life and art of Emilio Isgrò, from its origins to its most recent evolutions, guiding us not only to an exploration of his poetics but also through a century of Italian history.


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