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Europe Revealed
6x52' | Current/Social Affairs | HD | 4K
FRA 2022
Point du Jour
Europe, a continent that is preparing to face historical challenges. The pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine have united European countries like never before and for the first time they are working together on a common project aimed at peace, stability and prosperity for their citizens.



Queen Elizabeth II: Above All Else
60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2021
Parade Media
Elizabeth II, the longest-lived queen and who has spent more years on the throne than any other British monarch, a beautiful biography that traces her life and the most important events of the 20th century.



Hacking Evolution: Lionfish
60' | Nature/Wildlife | 4K
AUS in production
Escapade Media



Climate Crisis
4x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
GBR 2021
Parade Media
The climate crisis is dangerously close to spiraling out of control. Is it too late to stop it? We must act fast, or there will be catastrophic consequences for the people and the planet on which we depend. Each episode chronicles the recent natural disasters that have hit different places on Earth, a shocking series that aims to strike deep and raise awareness of the urgency to intervene.



Behind the Curtain: The Vermeer Secret
52' | Arts&Culture | HD
DEU 2021



Truth as a Weapon
49' | Current/Social Affairs | HD
NLD 2022
Dutch Core
How do you successfully fight against disinformation and lies? In the war between Russia and Ukraine, correct data is vital.



Queen Elizabeth II: The Unlikely Queen
60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2021
Parade Media
The biography of a great Queen, protagonist of the history of the '900 of Europe and the world. We retrace her long and intense life marked by great successes and deep crises.



Munich '72
3x45'/100' | History/People | HD
ISR, DEU 2022
Global Screen



Dracula Unearthed
90' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2022


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