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Country House Hunters
50x30' | Lifestyle | HD | 4K
USA 2019/2022
Parade Media
A TV show that captures the essence and quality of life in three spectacular locations: Australia, New Zealand and Canada.



My Italian Family
11x30' | Lifestyle | HD
Parade Media
Passion, food and family is the glue that binds Italian culture together. We all feel it when we visit. We all taste it when we share a meal. In that simple plate of food is life, history, love and an intense sense of belonging.



Inside the Mind of a Con Artist
6x52' | Crime/Mystery | HD | 4K
What happens in the mind of a con artist? What makes their brain so well equipped for psychological trickery? Learn how con artists are tricking you and turn into a profiler of fraudsters.



Hacking Evolution: Lionfish
60' | Nature/Wildlife | 4K
AUS 2022
Escapade Media
Lionfish, one of the most invasive and aggressive species on the planet. Let's find out how this species spreads and the work that researchers and scientists are doing to protect our ecosystems from these pest fish.



Vikings - Quest America
6x60' | History/People | 4K
CAN 2023
West One Int.
Driven by pop cultural interest; scientists, archeologists, and experimental researchers are taking a new interdisciplinary investigative approach to Viking history. It’s uncovering a new understanding of Viking culture.



A Cold War of Spies
4x52' | History/People | HD | 4K
WWII is over, but conflict is far from gone. While the rest of the world was picking up the pieces, the USSR turned its focus to surveillance on a scale the world had never seen. At the center, Russian spies tasked with gathering details to map literally every corner of the earth.



Beautiful Lakes of Northern Italy
2x45' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
They are dream destinations and offer the first glimpse of Italy after crossing the southern edge of the Alps: the glacial Great Prealpine Lakes.



Dishing Up
8x30' | Lifestyle | HD
Parade Media
We love watching great chefs, like Nigella, Jamie or Donna Hay at work. But how many celebrity chef recipes can the average home cook actually replicate?



Believe – The History of Religion
5x52' | History/People | HD | 4K
Discover how the five world religions came into being and how they shaped society, or what influence historical events had on the religion itself.



The Art of Seduction
2x45' | History/People | HD
DEU 2023
How do Charisma, marketing and propaganda still make history to this day? Immerse yourself in a game about power, desire and manipulation.



Empire Builders: the Pacific
2x50' | History/People | HD
GBR 2022
The idyllic Pacific Islands have been a battleground for centuries - from wars to colonial rivalry between France and UK to controversial nuclear tests by France and the United States



Empire Builders: The Inca
50' | History | HD
The Inca were a civilisation which flourished from the 12th century until their conquest by the Spanish in 1533 in modern-day Peru and surrounding countries.


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