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Demolition NZ
10+10x30'+1x60' | Factual Ent. | HD
AUS 2018/2019
Parade Media
Get your hard hats ready! This series will accompany you behind the safety barriers and will reveal the world of demolition of large buildings.



Walking the YangTze with Ash Dykes
2x60' | Travel/Sport/Adventure | HD
SGP 2019
The longest river in the world to flow through a single country. Its length had never been walked before.
In 2018 Ash attempted, and succeeded his greatest expedition yet, as he walked from the Yangtze's source in the melt waters of the Jianggendiru Glacier on the Tibetan Plateau to its delta near Shanghai, where it meets the East China Sea. Ash faced many trials, starting with freezing temperatures in the West, which broke into a more tropical environment to the East.



Paul Goes to Hollywood
4x60' | Lifestyle | HD
GBR 2019
Combining his passion for baking, biking and movies, the Great British Bake Off's judge Paul Hollywood journeys across the American continent on a Harley Davidson before he arrives in the ultimate movie Mecca, Hollywood. Paul’s 3.000-mile tour takes in culinary locations inspired by some of the most iconic films.



Olympic Games 2020: Let's rediscover Japan
On the occasion of the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, a proposal for documentaries that tell Japan in all its forms and how the country is preparing for the sporting event.
  • Tokyo 2020 – The Price of Security
  • Tuna on Tour
  • Yohji Yamamoto: Rebel in Black
  • Japan, Rails of Life
  • Inside the Tsunami
  • Shoyu and the Secrets of Japanese Cuisine
  • Dashi, Essence of Japan

  • Women's day
    Today more than in the past, 8 March is a widely celebrated date in the world. For this day dedicated to women and the fight against the deeply rooted culture of sexual predation, we offer two documentaries in which celebrities and "combatants" reveal their stories of oppression and injustice.
  • Me Too: The Movement
  • This Changes Everything

  • Anniversaries in 2020
    A collection of documentaries that recall events and characters that have remained in our memory and in our hearts for their atrocities, such as the Massacre at the Bologna Station or for their grandeur like John Lennon, Niki Lauda and Ayrton Senna. Beautiful documentaries to not forget.
  • Legends of Speed
  • Terror!
  • Killing John Lennon


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