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The Directors
60x60' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2018/2021
This series looks at the 20th century’s iconic film directors; the real innovators whose breakthrough direction made film into the movies. Their early lives, often escaping war or poverty found expression in theatre, then film, forming the fundamental art that is cinema.



Cold War & Cinema
3x60' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2021
Through the stories told on the big screen, we retrace the key moments of the Cold War. Cinema experts will help us to distinguish fiction and real events.



The Buildings that Fought Hitler
8x60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2020
Parade Media
A journey through what remains of the 26,000 buildings or fortifications erected to fight Hitler's Germany.



400 Years Taking the Knee
2x60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2020
The long-standing problem of racism analyzed and described over the course of 500 years. An ever-current theme.



Stone Forest of Arshihaty
2x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
CHN 2020
Let's unravel the mysteries of this enchanting territory and how these extraordinary landscapes were formed.



In Search of Monsters
52'/90' | History/People | HD
DEU 2021
He wants to take revenge - by forgiving.



My Childhood, My Country
90'/2x45' | History/People | HD
GBR 2021
his perfect film commemorates the 20th 9/11 anniversary and the October defeat of the Taliban.


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