The love and the attention for documentary storytelling have encouraged Lilium to build up solid collaborations with national and international producers over time, supporting them in financing their films through co-productions and pre-sales.
Thanks to the work with important networks such as Rai, A&E Network, LA7 documentaries such as San Giorgio: the Resurrection Bridge, The Monster of Florence and Bella Ciao: Canto di Ribellione have seen the light.

Since 2022 Lilium has structured itself with its own production team and is carrying out a series of projects for the national and international market.

With Rai 5 Lilium produced:

- The Intuition of Duchamp - 1x52' - an exciting story about Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp and his artistic and cultural heritage. Co-produced with FAD.

- Emilio Isgrò: How to Erase the Useless - 1x52' - an interview-testament of one of the great innovators of Italian art: Emilio Isgrò. Co-produced with FAD in collaboration with Treccani – Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana.

- Wreck Hunter - 1x90’ - The adventures of the most important deep-sea diver in the Mediterranean Sea: Andrea Bada. The documentary follows the exploration of shipwrecks that lie more than 100 meters deep, in unique sea beds, bringing to light dramatic stories of disasters and rescues that have until now been hidden in the depths of the sea. Co-produced with Millstream Film & Media, con il sostegno delle Regione Liguria.

- Unveiling Rembrandt: The Rediscovered Masterpiece. The incredible story of the casual discovery in Rome of a painting that was believed to be lost forever: Rembrandt's Adoration of the Magi. The story of the vicissitudes of a stupendous canvas, which take us back to the Medici Florence of the late 1600s and then again to the European art market of the 19th century.

In development:

- Bianca-Tomaso and the Other Warriors: the story of Bianca Menna, aka Tomaso Binga - one of the most iconic poets and performers in contemporary history, protagonist of the battles for women's rights and gender equality since the 70s.

Lilium, for more than twenty years, has been a point of reference in the world of distribution and, with the experience gained, it approaches production with competence, seriousness, professionalism and also with curiosity, following a natural path of research and growth.

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