The focus is a collection of high-quality titles from our offer that deal with a highly topical subject, an upcoming anniversary, a historical period, a major character, an art in its various expressions or an idea of great interest. The focus is constantly changing.

Pop Stars
The musical offer is very rich with interesting documentaries on many international pop stars.

Lady Gaga Encore
54' | Arts&Culture | HD
With a social media post, Lady Gaga has announced the release of her new single, Stupid. Let's retrace his career.

Enrique: Latin Love
60' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2018


Cher: Life in the Spotlight
58' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2019


Bee Gees: Everlasting Words
55' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2019
The family partnership of the Gibb brothers has given rise to a long musical saga, ranging from pop-soft and country-folk from the beginning to the triumphs in the disco of "Saturday Night Fever", up to the profitable collaborations of recent years. Before a curse came upon them ...

Proposal of the month: US Presidential Elections
The presidential elections in the United States of America in 2020 will take place on November 3 and will be the 59th presidential election in the history of the United States. The Covid-19 pandemic and the economic and heath repercussions it has caused in the country focuses the national and international attention as never before.

How To Win the US Presidency
60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2016


Race for the White House
6x60' | History/People | HD
USA 2016
Nent Studios


Michelle Obama: The Life After the White House
60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2020
Parade Media
The documentary traces the life of the ex-First Lady through her words, her story, an intimate and memorable portrait that inspired the world.

Anniversaries in 2020
A collection of documentaries that recall events and characters that have remained in our memory and in our hearts for their historic and art importance or for their grandeur like Claude Monet. Beautiful documentaries to not forget.

Berlin 1945
3x50' | History/People | HD
DEU 2020
Berlin 1945 time-travels in cinematic style into the city’s most fateful year through the eyes of those who experienced it: the German population and Allied soldiers.

Claude Monet - In the Light of the Moment
52' | Arts&Culture | HD
DEU 2020
Follow Claude Monet on his life journey through France.

The Impressionists' Seine
52' | Arts&Culture | HD
FRA 2020
Point du Jour


The Beatles - In the Life
64' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2019


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