The focus is a collection of high-quality titles from our offer that deal with a highly topical subject, an upcoming anniversary, a historical period, a major character, an art in its various expressions or an idea of great interest. The focus is constantly changing.

Nature has always offered unique suggestions and emotions. From the wildlife of Africa to the underwater one, we discover these wonders and the mysteries of animal behavior.

Kids Safari
36x15'/72x7' | Kids Programme | HD | 4K

West One Int.
The wonderful adventures of two young explorers who will allow him to meet fantastic animals throughout the world.

Heart of the Elephant
60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD | 4K
ZAF 2019
West One Int.
It is a story not just about the love and trust they feel towards members of their own species but also their ability to express forgiveness towards humans who prove they are deserving of it.

The Blue World
6x50' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
“The Blue World”, of which the filming process is the largest, widest and most comprehensive marine filming operation in China so far, was all shot with 4K ultra-high-definition technology.
Through the journey from the frozen Bohai Bay to the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea where the four seasons are distinct, and then to the tropical South China Sea, its footprints almost reach all the most representative regions of the Chinese ocean.

Botswana: Africa's Last Wildlife Paradise
52' | Nature/Wildlife | HD | 4K
DEU 2020
A journey into the wild and fascinating territories of Botswana: an adventure in nature and traditions.

Monkeying Around: The Macaques of Mount Huangshan
60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
AUS 2019
Looking Glass
Life of the Tibetan macaques over the course of a year, from spring to winter.

Space and science

Tech Billionaire: Jeff Bezos
60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2021
Parade Media
Along with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, Amazon is one of the Big Five companies in the US tech industry.

Off Earth
52' | Science/Technology | HD
ESP 2020
The conquest of space is the new so-called NewSpace revolution. The involvement of private companies is the key factor of this ever higher democratization in access to space.

A Message to the Star
52' | Science/Technology | HD
ESP 2021
What kind of universal language could we use to be understood by extraterrestrial beings if we had direct contact? This is one of the questions humanity must find an answer to as soon as possible.

Tech Billionaire: Elon Musk
60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2020
Parade Media
We discover the multifaceted facets of Elon Musk, the man who has revolutionized many sectors of technology with his ingenuity and determination.

Decoding the Universe
10+5x7' | Science/Technology | HD
Flame Media
Not only will you learn what scientists know, but you will learn how they do, through space archeology and galactic astronomy. More importantly, you will have an understanding of how scientists are working to find the keys to unlocking the universe.

Return to the Moon
52' | Science/Technology | 4K
Discover how today’s scientists and engineers are about to take the next giant leap for mankind by colonizing the Moon.

Crime seeing by great doc productions

The Children of Ruinerwold
4x45' | History/People | HD
NLD 2021
Dutch Core
The thriller of the Dutch family who lived in a cellar waiting for the end of the world.

Killer Soundtrack
13x60' | Crime/Mystery | HD
AUS 2020
Escapade Media
Killer Soundtrack examines a series of true crimes that either inspired a songwriter or impacted on the music industry.
It focuses on the impact of the crime on its victims but also on the artists who were inspired by the tragedies. The series looks into the song’s impact on the audience, which may have no prior knowledge of the crime and its relationship to the songwriter.

6x60' | Crime/Mystery | HD
Parade Media
Full of emotion and insight, this series will inform and shock the viewer.
Denise is going to meet six inspiring women and explore how they became survivors rather than victims, as they endured some of the most horrific attacks even seen,
but came out the other side to tell their story.

Murderous History
6x45' | Crime/Mystery | HD
GBR 2021
West One Int.
Travel back in time as we investigate history's most shocking murder mysteries and reveal how they were solved.

COP 26
Climate changes conference

Earth Emergency
60' | Current/Social Affairs | HD
USA 2021
West One Int.
This stunning film adds the missing piece to the complicated climate puzzle and offers urgent hope.

Engineering the Future
3x60' | Science/Technology | 4K
A global industrial revolution is coming, led by highly skilled people and driven by a great passion, they work to reshape the world. Together they are pushing engineering to the limit to create extraordinary machines that can protect our planet and the life of mankind.

Adapt to Survive
3x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD

West One Int.
Join us on a journey and discover the wild world's secret survival strategies that allows life to perpetuate in the most vicious environments of our planet.

Shoah's history and the actors

Albert & Hermann Goering - Two Brothers Like Night And Day
90' | History/People | HD
DEU 2015
Global Screen
We see the two brother's lives, depicted by two top German actors, and their dramatic times. An amazing story of the Third Reich that has never been told before.

Bad Nazi, Good Nazi
52'/80' | History/People | HD
DEU 2019
Learn the story of Wilm Hosenfeld, the Nazi officer best remembered today for saving the life of the "pianist", the protagonist of the famous Roman Polanski film.

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