Roger Federer: A Champion's Journey

60' | Travel/Sport/Adventure | HD
GBR 2022
Parade Media
Roger Federer, few names ring as synonymous with the sport of tennis. Dominating tennis across two decades few players will come close to the talent and longevity of Federer. With 20 grand slam titles and the record number of weeks at number 1, Federer's career has truly been one for the history books. From his first grand slam title as a 21-year-old at Wimbledon, to his last as a 36-year-old in Australia, his journey has spanned over most of our lives, giving him fans from every generation. Adored by tennis fans around the globe, receiving adulation wherever he plays, Federer’s popularity defies borders. And with his illustrious career coming to an end, we can now reflect on what it is that made Roger Federer the greatest of all time.


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