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Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
80x50' | Fantasy | HD
CHN 2017
Novoland International Cultural Communication Ltd for iQiyi e Youku
An epic saga, about princes in exile, part humand and part spirit, leaders of nomadic tribes, empresses fighting for the throne, all united in the destiny announced by an ancient prophecy.
One of the most expensive Chinese TV productions of all time, "Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy" brings together an important literary tradition to create a complex fantasy universe.



The White Wall
8x60' | Drama | HD
SWE, FIN 2019
Nent Studios
for STV & YLE
In the Northern Sweden, a team of geologists makes a discovery that raises disturbing questions



Close to me
6x60' | Drama | HD
GBR 2021
Nent Studios
NENT Studios UK & The Development Partnership for Channel 4 (UK) & Viaplay (Nordics)
Jo Harding seems to have the perfect life, until a fall down the stairs means her memories from the past year are erased. Every memory from the past twelve months – gone. Her recovery is difficult, with vivid flashbacks, and overwhelming sense of confusion and anxiety.



The Longest Day in Chang'An
45x60' | Drama | HD
CHN 2018
Parade Media
In A.D. 744, a group of mysterious Turks infiltrated among trade caravans plan to launch a fire attack at Chang’An, the ancient capital of imperial China.


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