Racetime - Tutti in pista!

82' | Adventure | HD
CAN 2018
Pink Parrot Media
CarpeDiem Film&Tv inc.
Frankie and his team, with Sophie as the sled driver take on a new rising star in the village, the mysterious Zac and his athletic cousin Charlie. The fantastic sled designed and built by Frankie specifically for the race, falls apart before crossing the finish line. It is a bitter loss for Frankie who cannot accept that he might have made a few mistakes in his sled design or its construction or his race strategy. Together with his friends, he proves that Zac cheated in order to assure his own victory. Frankie demands a rematch; which Zac accepts on condition that Frankie build an entirely new race track in an impossibly short time frame. When Frankie and his friends manage to do the impossible, Zac realizes he is up against a worthy opponent. As the two teams prepare for race day, Zac has no scruples about cheating even more to weight the outcome of the race in his favor. But Frankie and his team have a surprise in store for Zac and find a clever way to turn Zac’s cheats against him and in their own favor. Frankie and his team win while Zac reaps the what he has sown.

Racetime is the sequel to the highly successful SnowTime! which won the 2015 best box-office in Canada. Like its predecessor, the film explores the themes of friendship and teamwork, but this time it digs deeply into an examination of pride, justice, betrayal and going beyond oneself. Frankie’s pride leads him to lie to his friends which has consequences for those closes to him.


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