Lou and Sophie

6+6x52' | Teen Programme | HD
CAN 2021/2023
H Gagnon
For Lou and Sophie, two lifelong friends who have just finished high school, the suburbs are terrible!
As a gap year dawns, that promises to be legendary, all Lou and Sophie want is to be anywhere but their neighborhood but to see the world, experience and have adventures. Unfortunately they won't get far on the bike/roller skate combo, or worse, always having to hitch a ride from their parents.
No, they need their own transport.
Thanks to a semi-good semi-stupid idea - the first of a long series - Lou and Sophie will be able to buy the car of their dreams: a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado with a million kilometers. A giant car, so kitschy as to be beautiful, perfect for road trips, to spend the night or to scream life. A car they'll love so much they'll give it a name. A car that will change everything...
Around Lou there's her mother Caroline, who loves her so much but with whom she has a conflicting and complicated relationship and her father Philippe, an almost unshakeable ally. Sophie however does not have a mother; just a not very present father, David, and an overly intrusive older brother, Tom.
They are joined by best friends Jules and Arnaud, the boy from the convenience store Jimmy and the corner pusher Fafard.
Lou and Sophie is the story of two girls for whom the suburbs have become too small. Flamboyant friendship, thirst for freedom, the languor of summer. Things are changing for girls at this pivotal moment in their lives, between adolescence and adulthood, this delicate moment when we think anything is still possible.


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