France Germany A Shared History

10x26' | History/People | HD
FRA 2016
Point du Jour
This series offers ten thematic perspectives on the history shared by France and Germany. What could be more revealing than telling this common destiny by looking from the skies at the marks it left on the landscapes or the people? Laying out the historical bonds that have been forged between the regions and populations on either side of Rhine.
The boundaries between war and peace, the Cold War, places of power, religion, relations between culture and food or tourism ... So many ways to observe these two territories, to see how the regions differ or resemble each other, to discover unexpected links among them.
We go back in time to undertake a geographical exploration of these two neighbouring countries, thus overcoming the contemporary framework that so often limits our vision. The historical links between France and Germany are set into their perspective to better explain the current context: the Franco-German axis or the European community are not just the result of two world wars, but the tumultuous evolution of two peoples sharing "the same territory"... And the images are a true feast for the eyes!


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