Legends of Speed

3x52' | History/People | HD
DEU 2015
Legends of Speed is not just a chronology about happenings in racing, but a profound view on the humans behind the wheel - their peculiarities, their private engagements and the love of their wives, who often have to watch their husbands risked their lives. With very personal interviews Legends of Speed not only describes the dramatic happenings on the race tracks, but also puts a spotlight on the fears and the courage of the drivers and their relatives. Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Jackie Steward or Alain Prost: all of them deal differently with this extreme sport “Formula One”
The series also describes the skilled performances of the engineers and also their failures.
The three episodes show how slight the difference between victory and defeat can be. Sometimes it is just a few centimeters or a little bit of luck.

Episodes: 1: Rivals 2: Dangers 3: Daredevils


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