What if Earth were Unique?

85' | Science/Technology | HD
FRA 2019
Point du Jour
We have reached a turning point of human history today.
At the beginning of the third millennium, we know that hundreds of billions of other worlds circle the stars in the skies... And in light of these innumerable planets, one question inevitably arises: Is there life somewhere else in the Universe, are there other Earth?

For a long time, given the immensity of the cosmos, the dominant credo amongst astronomers was that of the plurality of worlds. The laws of physics and biology being universal, Earth was considered to be a common planet, gravitating in a habitable zone around a common star. Life should therefore have emerged throughout the universe from the same ingredients. Scientists thought they would first discover it in our solar system, then around other suns.

But in 50 years of space exploration, after having surveyed the entire solar system with an armada of satellites and robots, no trace of life has been spotted anywhere else but on Earth - not even on Mars, its twin planet.
Astronomers have been looking elsewhere in the galaxy for 20 years. The more planets they discover around other stars, the more unique Earth appears to them. What's more, the planetary systems they observe differ hugely from our well ordered system, with its four small telluric planets followed by four gas giants.
Could this layout, long considered to be a universal model, be the result of some unlikely chance? Could Earth have benefited from exceptional circumstances, without which life couldn't have developed?

It is this exceptional story of our Earth and its adventure within our solar system that we want to tell in this film. An adventure with its twists and accidents, pieced together from the latest discoveries of astronomers. While examining the sky from the great observatories on the planet, they ask themselves:


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