Kamchatka, A Winter with the Evens

52' | History/People | HD
FRA 2018
Point du Jour
Daria is the leader of a small clan of Even, reindeer herders who roamed the tundra and forests of Siberia for centuries. Like most indigenous people living in Russia during Soviet rule, the Even were moved off their land and into small villages and Kolkhozes, the state run farms.
But after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Daria made an extraordinary choice. She and her family abandoned their village and headed back into the woods. Five years ago the young French anthropologist, Nastassja Martin, met Daria in the middle of the Kamchatka forest.

Living on and off with Daria and her family for five years, Nastassja discovered another world, but more importantly she found a second family. Today, after a two year absence, Nastassja has decided to return to Kamchatka and spend another winter with Daria.


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