A Day in Spain

52'/90' | Travel/Sport/Adventure | HD
FRA 2019
Point du Jour
Spain is the fifth largest economy in the European Union It’s a country opening onto the Mediterranean as well as to the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically situated to the south west of Europe, Spain is the principal state of the Iberian Peninsula. After years of dictatorship, the country has experienced a modernization and economic growth unmatched in Europe. From the sky, we discover a nation that is in the process of change and whose territorial cohesion is now being challenged.
From dawn to late at night, we’ll be telling the story of the country to the rhythm of its small and large cities steeped in history, which are today the engines of its economy: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and others. Or the story of its different coastlines and great Maritime Provinces which - from north to south - attract tourists from all over the world just as it offers port activities in full transformation…
For the purpose of the “above” filming, we’ll be flying over the coasts of Galicia, the Costa Blanca: Elche, Alicante or Benidorm – and the commercial ports of Algeciras, Cartagena, Barcelona or Valencia.
We’ll discover vast rural areas such as Extremadura, La Mancha, the valleys of Duoro and Ebro, Andalusia and Murcia or the vast wild areas and nature reserves in Spain: The Ordesa Valley, the Picos de Europa Park, Ses Salines Park or the Doñana Natural Park.
In the course of our journey in the sky and on the ground, a new face of Spain is emerging before our eyes. That of a country facing strategic choices after the deep recession that shook it just ten years ago.

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