The Inner Circle

8x60' | Thriller | HD
SWE 2018/2019
Fundament Films per Viaplay
Adapted from a novel by well-known Swedish political strategist Per Schlingmann, this brilliant political thriller exposes the scheming, dirty tricks and power plays that take place beneath the surface. The story is set across a few days in summer when Sweden’s political elite has gathered at a forum. There’s a rumour that the Prime Minister is to stand down, and countless more about who will succeed her. David Ehrling, Minister for Enterprise, thinks the job is his, but can spin doctor Lena keep a lid on the scandals in his past and ensure that those people working against him don’t now get in the way? The Inner Circle is a compelling story and a reminder that no matter who is running our country, they are just regular people and that whatever background or moral compass they have, they’re only trying to do their best. Right?


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