Find Me a Beach House

10x30' | Lifestyle | HD | 4K
AUS 2018
Parade Media
per Foxtel Australia
Each challenge is different. But the ultimate goal is the same. Find a beach house with access to the water.
Find Me a Beach House is a ten part series and follows the buying decisions of beach house hunters in various locations around Australia. Host, Deborah Hutton is tasked with helping Australians find the perfect beach house. Deborah is an Australian icon and has recently built her own beach house in Bronte, Sydney. She has a passion for property, especially when it's by the water. Deborah shows her buyers spectacular homes at various price points. Including finding a newly retired couple find a beach shack to renovate on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. She flies into Hamilton Island to help a couple who have been living on a their yacht for two years, find a beach home and return to firm land.
After all is said and done, we catch up with them after the decision is made and find out how liveable their dream beach house is.


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