Wild Lives

3x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
GBR 2018
Parade Media
Wild Lives is a unique series; in each episode we travel the globe in search of new stories that offer a fresh perspective on the natural world.
The series delivers an ambitious variety of compelling subjects and stories; as well as using powerful imagery, including an impressive range of spectacular locations.

Moving between different locations in each episode, we meet an engaging cast of knowledgeable human characters alongside great wildlife.
Each film is therefore driven by a strong people and nature idea, as we go anywhere there’s an engaging story that shows the connection between the natural world and us.

From mountains to reefs and deserts to rainforests; we focus-in on a series of intimate films offering intelligent, original insight into people and nature.

Wild Lives provides an important new voice for the wild, from film makers who are inspiring us to care about our planet.


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