Going Organic – Les Apprentis en Herbe

1x52 | Lifestyle | HD
FRA 2018
Point du Jour
David and Xavier, dairy farmers in France’s Loire-Atlantique region, were considered to be models of conventional agriculture and very proud of it.
They were admired by their peers for the success of their dairy farm. But, to everyone's surprise, they decided to convert to organic farming.
Initially, they had been excited by the technical challenge of going organic, but gradually, they realised that there was a wave of support from the citizens for organic food.
Over the course of two years, these newly converted bio famers will be operating a complete overhaul of their approach to milk production, but also to their way of thinking and their way of life … as well as that of their herd of dairy cows. Will they come out of this process as different men and different farmers?


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