Hot Roads - The World's Most Dangerous Roads

5+5x45'+6x52' | People/Places | HD | 4K
People, animals and goods are transported on desert tracks, narrow mountain roads or roads made of ice, because for many these "Hot Roads" are the only way to get to their families or to transport urgently needed goods. Traveling on the world's most dangerous roads is a journey into risk, as beautiful as the view may be. Road conditions can change from day to day, from hour to hour. Rain, mud, snowfall, sandstorms, falling rocks or hurricanes turn a predictable risk into a tour into the unknown. Encounters with wild animals on and off the trail do the rest, making the trip a real ride into risk for everyone. But where there is danger, there is also beauty. Whether it is coastal rainforest on the Pacific coast in British Columbia, shifting sand dunes in the Thar Desert, or thousands of wildebeest among the acacias of the Serengeti, our routes are characterized by a diversity and uniqueness that is second to none.


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