What Went Wrong

6+6+6x60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2019/2021
Small errors in the construction of buildings and vehicles can lead to a disaster - as in these cases.
This series plunges deep into catastrophic events that shook the world. A highly adrenaline-laden engineering documentary about the interface between man and machine. Every catastrophe is recounted by survivors and first responders, making them feelable. But it finally focuses on the machine that went mad, high-tech and infallible constructions that suffered catastrophic failures due to completely avoidable technical flaws. Even the smallest errors can lead to catastrophes, costing hundreds of lives. We investigate such examples from recent history, from the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in August 2018 to the disappearance of Malysia Airlines flight MH 370 in 2014.


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