Paul Goes to Hollywood

4x60' | Lifestyle | HD
GBR 2019
per Good Food UKTV and Foxtel Australia
Join Paul Hollywood as he indulges in three of his greatest passions – bikes, movies & baking – and heads off on an epic trans-continental adventure riding a customized Harley Davidson. Whether traveling across iconic landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, crossing the swamplands of the south or pressing on through the sunbeaten plains of the Wild West, we see our Hollywood-bound biker putting in some serious miles as he undertakes this ambitious odyssey to pay homage to some of the greatest screen culinary moments of the century.
Peppered with celebrities, comedians and critics who join Paul for a slice of pie, or a $5 shake, this part-travelogue, part-pilgrimage series explores the connection between films and food as he bikes his way across the country to arrive at the ultimate movie Mecca of the world: Hollywood. Of course, it goes without saying he’ll be doing a bit of baking along the 3,000+mile journey. May the force be with him.

Celebrity Guests include: Brian Cox (Manhunter, Braveheart, Troy, Deadwood, Succession) / Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) / Lisa Kudrow (Friends)
Episodic Breakdown:
Ep 1 - New York
Ep 2 - Deep South, Savannah, New Orleans
Ep 3 - Wild West, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ep 4 - Los Angeles


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