Secrets of the Garden

6x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
DNK 2019
Nent Studios
We like to believe that our gardens belong to us. However, this beautifully filmed and close-to-home natural history series proves that we are merely its guardians. Every day, epic dramas are being played out among the creatures large and small that live in our back yards, from the lovely ladybird that is a killing machine to the birds, insects, foxes and mice that call it home. In many respects, our gardens are like the African savannah in miniature, packed with animals of different sizes, all on a journey to survive, fight for territory, mate, or give birth. Living with them side-by-side, our actions – however small – can affect the outcome of individual stories. Each episode in this fascinating series follows three animals in their gardens over the course of a year and through all four seasons, bringing their incredible stories to life.


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