Baby Animals

40x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
AUS 2015/2017
Nent Studio
Baby Animals is a gorgeous natural history strand that looks at cute and adorable young creatures from all over the world as they come to terms with those vital first few months of life. While a different theme drives the main narrative for each series, every Baby Animals episode succeeds in capturing significant developmental milestones and unique behaviours. Delightful, lingering close-ups and fast-paced action sequences combine with humorous narration throughout to create a high-end, returnable series that provides a captivating and truly memorable celebration of the animal kingdom’s most awesome youngsters.

Baby Animals and Friends
In this series in the Baby Animals strand we take a broad range of totally cute wild baby animals and show how they live their lives through the seasons. Joining them will also be some creatures who are forced to deal with extremes of hot and cold all year-round, in locations as varied as Alaska, Antarctica and Arabia.

Baby Animals In The Wild
Each episode begins with the morning sunrise and follows the adorable animals over a 24-hour period. We witness milestones and day to day activities such as feeding, nurturing, grooming, playing, napping and exploring their natural habitat with mum or dad. Humorous commentary throughout episodes includes ‘comedic ‘oops’ moments, light drama with lurking predators, threats of isolation, and weather risks (rain, storm, snow) to name a few.

Baby Animals In Our World
Animals play such a big role in our lives. We love them so much! In this series we take a broad range of baby animals and showcase them in our homes, our zoos, our farms, our stations - in our world. We follow them in these familiar environments and highlight their behaviors and milestones including birthing (where appropriate), first hours, feeding, nurturing, grooming, play, napping, romping, exploring and learning with mum and dad.

Baby Animals Around The World
In every country around the world, animals are celebrated. In this series we follow a vast selection of baby animals and their parents from different habitats around the world, taking us to the freezing cold mountains of the Arctic to the rivers of North America, and even to our very own backyards.


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