Elvis: The Men Who Knew Him Best

112' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2019
Elvis Presley's closest friends come together in this incredible tell-all documentary to reveal what life was really like as the men who knew him best.

From Elvis’ early days growing up in a low income housing scheme in Memphis, to his service in the army, to his rise to stardom and subsequently his fall from Grace. We take you on a journey through The King’s incredible story straight from the source, The Memphis Mafia.
The Memphis MaJia was the name given to Elvis’ closest friends, his associates and his employees who he carefully selected to serve and protect The King of Rock n’ Roll. It was formed in 1954 and existed until his death in 1977. Many of the members remained with ties to the music business for the rest of their lives.
These men (who knew him best) work to bring the truth of Elvis’s astounding and turbulent life to the screen detailing the details of his short marriage to Priscilla Presley between 1967-1973 and his prescription drug addiction which lead to the derailing of his public appearances and tore some of his relationships apart, including that between him and the Memphis Mafia.

Contributors of this show include Sonny West, Jerry Schilling, Marty Lacker, Joe Esposito, Lamar Fike and Billy Smith.


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