Journey of Chinese Plants

10x50' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
CHN 2019
A new documentary film takes a Chinese perspective at how plants have shaped so much of our world, and their global travels.

Many plants associated with a certain country actually have their earliest roots in China. There are over 300,000 known species of plants in the world, 10 percent of which grow in China.
The Journey of Chinese Plants is China's first documentary telling stories of Chinese plants and their connection to the world.
Plants have been around on Earth significantly longer than human beings have, and while the history of interaction has shown plants can be domesticated, humans are advised never to tame plants - a message that this documentary tries to point out.
Many people take for granted what nature has given us, and never think of asking where a bowl of rice comes from, where tea comes from, and how do we end up having products like silk.
After two years of production, this documentary aims to remind people that plants are the ones that have shaped human civilizations, giving birth to languages, aesthetics, and cultural exchanges.
Tough filming conditions have brought back some magnificent footage, such as flowers high in the mountains. Moreover, it has given crewmembers a different perspective about plants and nature.


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