Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth

60' | Arts&Culture | HD
GBR 2019
Michael Jackson: Chase The Truth is an investigative look into the legal battles that captivated the world and an intimate portrait of the most famous man in the world. Claims of child molestation are scrutinised in-depth by close friends, former staff and researchers.
The documentary will attempt to paint a picture of who Michael was as an artist and a man through– this will include a look through the lens of his career, accounts by close friends of their time with Michael and the turmoil the legal battles caused him.
One key aspect I want to investigate is society's love for Michael Jackson the superstar that over time transformed into a distrust– I see it as a sort of persecution of the different, misunderstanding an outcast. Michael spent his entire life and career removed from reality, in his own world and that would come to hinder him in later years as the media peddled a mythos and pre-conception of misunderstanding. Michael's own nativity, his generosity, openness and childlike innocence were easily manipulated.
I think it's important to provide a portrait of Michael that doesn't shy away from the complexities of his life. I think acknowledging the recent allegations against Michael would be beneficial as looking at the fact based evidence the credibility of the Leaving Neverland testimonies don't stand up.


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