Britney Spears: Breaking Point

45' | Arts&Culture | HD
The documentary is exploring the heavy price of fame by looking at a critical 14 months in the life of pop princess Britney Spears.

Britney Spears was once a Disney Mouseketeer and the world’s undisputed princess of pop. Then one day, she decided to shave her head. She attacked paparazzi, flirted with paparazzi, got divorced, lost her children and entered rehab – on several occasions. Even America’s Sweetheart couldn’t escape the curse of child celebrity.
Britney Spears: Breaking Point chronicles a pivotal 14 months in Britney’s life in 2008/9, the period when her world came crashing down.
It features first-hand accounts from people who crossed paths with her during that alarming period. The rehab, the divorce, the head shaving, the tattoos and Britney being placed under psychiatric hold.
Several well-known psychologists consider the state of her mental health at the time: what was she thinking? And could the same thing happen today?
Some pop star contemporaries from Blue, 5ive and S Club 7 also reveal how fame impacted on them.


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