Back to Chernobyl

52' | History/People | HD
Chernobyl nuclear disaster was the biggest technological accident in human history.
Almost 35 years later we go back to ground zero to the ghost city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine with leaving survivors of the disaster. A senior engineer that was one of the reactor’s construction team, a hospital maternity doctor, an 11 years old girl who was evacuated from Pripyat, a firefighter at number 4 nuclear power plant and an officer in charge of the radioactive waste removal from the reactor roof are some of the people we follow. As we take some of them and return for the first time to their destroyed homes they left behind, they unfold their personal stories and dive deep into their traumas trying to assemble the big picture of what happened during this historic event and what was their role. Also known as Chernobyl nuclear disasters Liquidators our heroes stood at the front-line of the war against an invisible enemy, testing their courage and humanity, witnessed shocking sights, risking their lives, they fought - and won! Saving the world and Europe from more dire consequences. With stunning never been seen before, archival materials they kept hidden in their homes, this visual, suspenseful and emotional documentary tells the small intimate stories behind a great historical drama.


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