The Era of Library

2x60' | Arts&Culture | HD | 4K
KOR 2019/2020
GH E & M
Technological progress is drastically changing the role of the library, despite this we have discovered that there are still immutable values that still make it vital, fascinating and indispensable for the imminent future.
In these two hours of documentary, starting from the first libraries born in Roman times, we visit the oldest and most precious libraries in the world, discovering the surprising treasures and incredible stories that they hold: The Vatican and Laurentian library - Italy, Librije Library, the Central Rotterdam Library - Netherlands, The Royal Library and DOOK1- Denmark, Sunken Library, Ets Haim Jewish Library - Germany, The Idea Store in Tower Hamlet - Great Britain, Peking University Library - China and Gwanjjin District Public Library, Yonsei Library Makerspace - Korea.


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