The Buildings that Fought Hitler

8x60' | History/People | HD
GBR 2020
Parade Media
for Yesterday
The Buildings That Fought Hitler explores the secret world of the General Headquarters Line. The GHQ Line was a series of structures placed strategically across Britain forming a line of defence against an expected German invasion. Over 26,000 buildings were built or re-enforced - but how many of them actually remain? This series seeks to find out and tell the stories behind these buildings and how the war was being fought on the ground.
Across eight episodes engineer Rob Bell will discover what secrets these buildings hold. What were the strategic reasons behind their placement? How did each building work, and what was its purpose? With an estimated 6,000 buildings remaining, this unique series will show a very different side to a country that showed great resilience in the war effort. Each episode will see Rob travel across the country, exploring some of the most important streets, fields, hills, and beaches which have remains of the GHQ Line. He will visit fascinating landscapes and find out why certain beauty spots were chosen to have buildings. He will investigate mysteries and explore unusual structures and buildings - some built purely to destroy, and some that were there to deceive.


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