The Dyatlov Pass Incident

4x52' | History/People | HD
RUS 2020
In 1959, nine hikers had disappeared in Ural Mountains of Soviet Union. Even after 60 years, the mystery of their death remains unsolved.
On February 2nd, 1959, nine hikers had disappeared in the Ural Mountains of Soviet Union. What the rescue mission saw was hard to believe: the tracks of barefoot prints were heading away from the cut open tent. During the period of several months the bodies had been located in 4 kilometers radius, some frozen to death wearing nothing but underwear or just one sock, others had their head or chest broken, eyes popped out or the tongue torn out. The mystery of Dyatlov group death remains unsolved for over 60 years. The official investigation hit the dead-end while dozens of private investigators and researchers around the world are proposing new versions of what had actually happened ranging from runaway prisoners’ attack to yeti involvement, from secret military tests to aliens. One of them is mountaineer and traveler Teodora Hadjiyska. She had started to collect, research, systemize and translate into English all the information and documents that she could access. Consequently, she had been joined by other researchers or so-called amateur detectives from 40 countries and together they conduct their own investigation. Can they solve the 60-year-old mystery that professional investigators failed to unlock?


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