Italy's Uncharted Islands

4x52' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
Our journey starts near Sardinia, more precisely at the southern tip of the island, the Sulcis Archipelago. From here, we head towards the mainland to the Campania Archipelago near Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea. A short detour to the north of Italy takes us to the largest island in southern Europe's inland waters, Monte Isola in Lake Iseo and its small neighboring islands. Back to the sea, we explore the Tuscan Archipelago in all its diversity at the height of Florence, followed by the Egadi Islands, located in the west of Sicily. We conclude the trip on the island of Pantelleria. It is located offshore in the Mediterranean Sea and geographically closer to Tunisia than to Italy. On hikes and boat trips, we discover the geographical and ecological characteristics of each archipelago and island.


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