Street of Gongs - From Thailand into the World

43' | Arts&Culture | HD
DEU 2021
In Thailand's rural northeast you will find the street of Gongs, an ancient instrument and sympol of Asia.

Outside the provincial capital of Ubon Ratchatani in Thailand’s rural northeast, a country road nearly thirty kilometers long stretches to the banks of the Mekong River. Even from a distance, you can hear what is being made there: gongs of all sizes in nearly 50 manufactories. The gong is considered the ancient instrument and symbol of Asia. It occupies an important cultural significance, initiates rituals, expels demons, gives strength and courage. This film visits the creators of these unique instruments - a family business that has been laboriously handcrafting gongs for generations. They have a big mission: The abbot of the temple has ordered a new, large gong for the upcoming festival. Will they be able to finish it in time?


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