Inside the Mind of a Con Artist

6x52' | Crime/Mystery | HD | 4K
When we hear ‘con artist’ we think big. We think of larger-than-life personalities, of slick-talking, fast-moving masters of deception. They hold a deep, enigmatic fascination for us. The crime science series unearths the human truth behind some of the most extraordinary fraud cases in recent history, by psychoanalysing the con artists themselves. We invite six of the most successful con artists of all time to a scientific institute where they are confronted with their crimes. Experts in the fields of forensic psychology, behavioural science, and neuroscience look into the minds of Christophe Rocancourt, Matthew Cox, Frederic Bourdin, Jan Lewandowski, Shaun Greenhalgh and Helmut Kiener, uncovering the unconscious meanings and motivations behind their actions. We look at what makes us so susceptible to being conned and reveal uncomfortable truths about us all.


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