Swell Chasers

90'/4x30' | Travel/Sport/Adventure | HD | 4K
AUS 2015
Parade Media
The documentary follows acclaimed cinematographer Tim Bonython in his relentless search for the best big wave surfers and the highest wave beaches in the world. Shot in Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania, Nazare in Portugal, Mullaghmore Ireland and Cape Solander in Australia, the program reveals what it takes to chase and tackle the big waves: flawless planning, stubborn determination and a total willingness to take risks. A meticulous process involving the coordination of planes, boats, jet skis, unruly oceans and unpredictable surfers.
Tim's life behind the lens began nearly 44 years ago. Starting with the rise of big wave surfing in the late 1970s in Hawaii, Tim has continued to document big sporting challenges.Swell Chasers captures Tim's latest efforts to immortalize the incredible exploits in the world of big wave surfing, efforts that have seen him push the boundaries of surf cinematography itself. The images are breathtaking, the plot full of suspense and full of interviews with Tim's team to better understand their enthusiasm and experience the thrill of adrenaline.


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