A Cold War of Spies

4x52' | History/People | HD | 4K
A new era of spies, cloak and dagger, and intelligence warfare is set to take a legendary place in our history. Soviet agents haunt the shadows of Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North America. Their mission: to generate the some 1.1 million maps. Still today, the purpose of this massive mission remains cloaked in mystery. But clues within highly classified documents hint at the largest Cold War conspiracy to date. But how would the Soviet spies use their knowledge of the load bearing weight of a Miami bridge? Or the mountain passes in Afghanistan that would be easiest to travel? And what plans did they have for the wells in China that were marked as “safe to drink”? Now, as the dust is blown off age old documents, could linking this massive Russian reconnaissance mission with the recently declassified covert ops uncover an old plan for world domination?


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