Asia: Secret Lives - Hidden Places 3

3x45' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
Honey hunters in search of the sweet nectar in Cambodia's jungle giants are just as daring as the bat guano collectors in the caves of the karst rocks in southern Sulawesi. Passionate wildlife conservationists are working to preserve the Bali sparrow - symbol of the region's rich flora and fauna. In Cambodia, people are fighting to preserve their national landmark - the gigantic Angkor temple complex. In Sulawesi, despite their Christian faith, the Toraja people cannot be dissuaded from their traditional beliefs. The ancestors play a decisive role and the result is days of elaborate funeral ceremonies with dances, singing and animal sacrifices. In Bali, many people still rely on the power of traditional medicine and place themselves in the hands of capable healers. Cambodia, Sulawesi and Bali - three countries whose culture and nature is so incomparably breathtaking. It is the encounters with the local people that allow us to get very close to these dream destinations and their secrets.


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