New Space - The Race is Back On

52' | Science/Technology | HD | 4K
DEU 2022
The design hotel in space is already under construction, plant cultivation in space is being tested, countless private satellites are waiting to be launched and DHL will soon be sending packages to the moon. Who will win this competition? We show what role private companies such as Space X, Blue Origin, Axiom Space, Astrobotic, OHB, Rocket Factory Augsburg and many more are already playing in conquering space. We also exclusively accompany the lunar analogue mission “ARCHES” of the German Aerospace Center to the Sicilian Etna. Missions like “ARCHES” are crucial for future manned expeditions to alien celestial bodies by preparing for their arrival using robotic technology. This exciting science documentary shows the latest innovations in the race for the commercialisation of space and thus takes viewers into the future of humankind.


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